Terms of Engagement

The Surveyor

The Surveyor who carries out the premium calculation will be a Chartered Surveyor and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ Registered Valuer.

The Report

Whether Desktop or Full Report we will provide an estimate of the premium payable for a lease extension, an example of the premium for a non-formal settlement, and associated advice.  Our advice does not constitute a formal valuation of the subject property and is not compliant with the RICS Valuation Standards.


Unless specifically advised otherwise in writing prior to our report being issued, we will assume that good freehold or leasehold title can be shown and that, unless otherwise stated, the property is not subject to any unusual or onerous restrictions, covenants, encumbrances or outgoings which might affect the opinion of value.

We will need to see a copy of the lease or be provided with the terms of the lease, which we shall rely upon.  Furthermore, we will assume that no matter detrimental to the value would be revealed as a result of the usual searches and enquiries that would be made by solicitors.

The Law and Legal Process

The law in relation to residential lease extension and enfranchisement is complex. We would strongly advise that you take legal advice at an early stage.

If you have already received correspondence or official notices in connection with this process, please forward copies to your solicitor and ourselves. Many legal notices have specific timescales which must be complied with to protect your position.  As such your solicitor should be informed of such notices at the earliest opportunity.


The advice provided is solely for your use and that of your professional advisers. No liability to anyone else is accepted. The Report should not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written authority of Leasehold Assist Limited.

Our Fees

The Fee is to be agreed and is inclusive of all expenses, tax and disbursements. We will require payment in full prior to issuing The Report.

Should the premium need to be apportioned, for example between a head lease and the freehold, we will charge £125 per hour to calculate the apportionment.

Your right to cancel and refund policy

You will be entitled to cancel this contract or alter your instruction at any time before we provide the Report and in which case our fee will be calculated at £125 per hour worked.

If for any reason we are unable to proceed with your Report we will refund any money paid by you in full.

Should the Surveyor conclude that it is not in your interest to proceed with the Report as to do so may exaggerate your liability to fees (an RICS protocol followed by all Chartered Surveyors), the Surveyor will inform you accordingly and our fee invoice will be calculated at £125 per hour worked but no more than two thirds of the original fee quoted.


If you have a formal complaint, please write to Leasehold Assist Limited, 20 Horseman Avenue, York, YO23 3UF and ask for our written Complaint Handling Procedure.

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